In the on-line Gallery of the artist Andrey Efi you can purchase original works of the author.
Also, you can order copy of any painting or variation of the theme (replica), according to your desire, you may ask for change the size of picture and the technique of media,
for example, the picture is made like oil on canvas, but if you wish, artist can make it an option of water color on paper, or – acrylic on cardboard.
Also, you can order a high-quality print (facsimile) using modern laser technology with any picture you will choose. Almost any your fantasies!

The main type of paper for printing – Poster paper 200 g/m2, but you can offer (select) and another basis, for example – Printing on canvas.
The print can be framed, on a passe-partout, and under the glass, or print on canvas. Paper can be coated or matte. It depends on your wishes.
The price of a facsimile print depends of the size and number of copies, prices are in dollars (US), but payment can be made in any equivalent by the exchange rate:
* A-4 format – (size 210 x 297 mm) = $ 110,
* A-3 format – (size 297 x 420 mm) = $ 160,
* A-2 format – (size 420 x 594 mm) = $ 260,

* Prices include printing and postal delivery around the world.
The cost of processing the Print in the Frame and passe-partout are paid additionally, and accordingly the details are coordinated additionally in conversation and correspondence.
** There may be individual features of the order, which are negotiated separately, in which case the price may differ both up and down.


We offer the option of downloading files in PDF extension (300 dpi).
Downloading the image file occurs automatically, after payment came.
There is only one Picture (of painting) file in PDF format permit for download.
You can order the file in another extension, for example – JPG, TIFF, TIF (CMYK), PNG – report it us, and we will do it.
After downloading the file from our site, later you can print this file in the print-service, but no more than 5 copies.
This file and the quality of its “resolution” allow you to print high-level printing for sizes – A-4 and A-3.
The cost of one downloadable file is $ 10, or any equivalent of the rate.

** Attention reminder

You may not use downloaded image for commercial purposes with profit.
You can not replicate this image of more than 5 copies (at once).
You also do not have the right to transfer this file to other customer for any use.
You undertake to coordinate all additional actions and options not covered by this offer with the Copyright Holder of this content with confirmation of legally enforced agreements.

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