Comments, impressions, rewies, responses of spectators at exhibitions of Andrey Efi.

(NOTE ! – This is interpretation from the russian texts!)

10 – 23 March 1992
Personal exhibition in the Central House of Artists on the ‘Krymsky Val’ in Moscow, Russia
Surprisingly thin, deep, inspired works. You rejoice that the thread has not been interrupted, the soul is alive, the tradition and the new continue.
Thank you for the pictures, a very subtle, lyrical perception of the world. Especially liked the picture “Golden Little Man”.

Thank you for the exhibition. Waves harmony, eternity, silence, peace. Probably – this is wisdom, as the choice of “their own way.”

I like your “picturesqueness” – does not it interfere with literary work? “St. Hieronymus “- falls out?
Good luck to you – Tanya Igumnova
Artist (Arkhangelsk)

– I want my man.
– This is the only thing that worried me at this exhibition.
– I see the paintings badly.

I think you, a colleague on the path of art, not of artifice – but of art! Thank you!

Such a game of imagination! Stunning sensuality (In the grass, Two on the balcony, Bouquet, etc.) subtlety. The terrible cruelty (the road) (I cried) and unexpectedly (this pole it is “Lenin is white alone – plaster., Figure, etc.) It is a pity that at your exhibition people run like cockroaches, almost no one scrutinizes. Unhappy, they lose so much.

20 March 1992
Dear Mr. Yefimov,
From the very first seconds you “forced yourself to respect and look. I think that the run just in case, but it was drawn to communicate with you slowly. Your calmness, concentration, Deepening and at the same time such a gentle and meek attitude to the world is above all praise. And how it becomes valuable alongside the farce in other halls! How wonderful “Angel”, “White Bird”, “Evil. Fish “,” In the grass “, etc. And already” Morning of the City “- you do not express it better, but again without pedaling. Yes, the big city is a creepy and sweet cross of a man. But then again, in the village of Chebutyshkino, I would not see you, although it’s fresh and natural. Thanks you. Your gentle and pure soul touched me
Kostareva L.A.

I would like to sit in your grass. Long

You think that you are a reformer in art, but do not you think that your paintings are designed to fool people’s heads. Be calm that your pictures are not being stolen from the museum. Why in art be a reformer? Art needs an artist-creator, inspired by the creation of the spirit of God, why to his garbage was attached to the great artists of past different trends and trends.
Fomina T.Yu.
Shelekhova E.V.

11 – 28 November 1999
Personal exhibition- “Sign and Symbol”, Shuvalov Mansion (Center for International Cooperation). St. Petersburg
“Art was invented in order not to die from the truth”
Semak Nonna Mikhailovna.

The epigraph is similar to the epitaph – we return to the master – “My Beach” – very warm. “In the Ocean” – very accurately. Thank you !

Andrew, I really like it, but “THIS COUPLE” ……
Nastya Semak

You see, you can only envy! Owning a wonderful luxury is doing what you love. Everything points to the soul! Touched it! Women are far from perfect. Men are far from ideal. Both are far from the truth.
(without a signature)

20 August – 22 October 2008
Personal exhibition “Signs of Speak”, in “Peterkirch” (in the bowl of the former pool), St. Petersburg
2 Corinthians 3; 5-6-17 Our ability (your) from God.

6. He gave us (you) the ability to be a minister of the New Testament.
Andrew Efi – Evening Kind to you, dear esteemed, Mr. artist. Again and again …
I’m surrounded with your pictures, alone, eyes in the eyes. I talk to them, they come to life, I admire seeing them from the inside. Yes, verily, I am convinced that your very ability to draw, create canvases, it is from God. The pictures are clean, bright, inspired, not suffocated by dust, but floating, flying above us. And in the catacombs they leave – they left LIGHT !!! In all your Mission, country and world, they, the pictures, carry the grace of a flying dove. And where the doves are there Freedom and Peace !!! They have the smell of the first snow in the cover. Their consistency, faithfulness to the Biblical theme helps to remember the heads of the New Testament and the whole only important, main book of all time and people – the Bible. The world outside the window is huge, not always affectionate, does not disturb them – your pictures are adorable, not homeless. They stamped into the celestial blue of the tiled walls and remained forever. In the open hatches of the windows of the windows, they are illuminated by stars, caresses the wind … and God saw O main Gott!
Danke Gott !!!
Danke Andrey
PS at the farewell to paintings in the catacombs of Peterkirch – Jlse Bauer
In the presence of sisters – Vali and the Orthodox sister Lyuda from the German settlement.