Pictures on paper cardboard in different techniques

Watercolor monotypes collages and appliques

The main artistic activity Andrey Efi realizes in paintings, but he makes a significant amount of graphic works. To implement the idea, plastic and color solutions are needed.
And before starting to realize a large canvas, the artist makes variations of the ‘Theme’, and for this he at first performs a series of sketches, nor on the canvas, but on the paper, on cardboard … technique and materials can be different, sometimes eclectic… watercolor, acrylic, ink pen, sanguine, pastel… collages, etc. One of the loved techniques of the artist is a monotype, but using this technique, he modernizes something, also he implements some techniques and materials, and therefore it can be more clear described as – Author’s technique.
Graphic works of the author conduct their independent life as separated works and possess no less artistic value than paintings painted in oil.